Manny (49/19/4)

TournamentArmylistPrimary codexSecondary codexTertiary codexQuaternary codex
Fabrikkens Dukketurnering 3
Ravneborg Team turnering
Fabrikkens Dukketurnering 2
WTC Open 2019 by TG PLAY! - Main Event
Fabrikkens Dukketurnering
Figurladen feat ammertime
Battle of Copenhagen
The 9th Age in Figurladen
ESC 9th Age 2018
ETC 9th Age 2018
9th Age Turnering 9/6 sponsoreret af
Aroscon - The 9th. Age
WTC (World Team Championships) - Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Sylvan Elves
Battle of Copenhagen
TAPCON 2 Saurian Ancients
Giant Fanatic 2017 9th age! Saurian Ancients
ETC 9th Age 2017
National 9th. Age League Finale
ETC Warm Up - DK Orcs and Goblins
Age Rage Juni Orcs and Goblins
Aroscon - The 9th. Age Orcs and Goblins
TapCon 2017
Battle of Copenhagen Orcs and Goblins
Fabriks Bash 1 Orcs and Goblins
TG PLAY!@T9A - official annual T9A Master (Team-Event) Orcs and Goblins Saurian Ancients
Giant Fanatic 18 - The 9th Age Orcs and Goblins
ETC 9th Age 2016 Orcs and Goblins Orcs and Goblins Beast Herds Beast Herds Beast Herds
Giant Fanatic 17 - Fantasy Lizardmen