Aslak Aga (3/7/0)

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Giant Fanatic 2017 9th age! Empire of Sonnstahl
Legacy Knight Commander: Lucky Shield, The Sonnsthal Legendary Warrior, General 225p Captain: Dragonscale Helm, lance, fpa, shield, pegasus 133p Captain: BSB, Banner of the stallion Barded horse, fpa, lance, shield 133p Preacher: Hardened Shield, flaming lance, dusk stone Barded warhorse 135p Preacher: The black helm Barded horse, shield 107p Wizard: Level 2 (path of wilderness) Dispel scroll Horse 135p 9xImperial cavalry Lance/shield Full command 255 11xImperial Cavalry Lance/shield Standard Bearer, musician 295p Cannon 100p Cannon 100p 5xReiters Brace of pistols, musician 95p 5xReiters Brace of pistols, musician 95p 3xKnights of the sun griffon Lance/shield Full Command Gleaming icon 190p 1998p Empire of Sonnstahl