Thorsten Path (3/2/1)

TournamentArmylistPrimary codexSecondary codexTertiary codexQuaternary codex
Fratzenknacken Vol. IV Dwarven Holds
WTC Open 2019 by TG PLAY! - Main Event Dwarven Holds
BeLaMa - Betreute Landesmeisterschaften Highborn Elves
TG PLAY! @ 9th Age 19
Fratzenknacken Vol. III Sylvan Elves
TG PLAY! @ 9th Age 18 Sylvan Elves
WTC (World Team Championships) - Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age Dwarven Holds
Betreutes Qualifying to the World Team Championship Dwarven Holds
TG PLAY!@9th Age 13 - TEAM
ETC Warm Up - DK
ETC-Warmup 2017 in Germany - presented by TG PLAY! Dwarven Holds Sylvan Elves
Alsterkloppen 9th age
Fratzenknacken Dwarven Holds