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ETC 9th Age 2018
ETC 9th Age 2017 Favour of the King Duke (general) virtue of renown, questing oath, barded warhorse, crusaders helm, divine icon, shield, great weapon- 575 Paladin (bsb), virtue of piety, questing oath, barded warhorse, dusk stone, hardened shield, war banner, great weapon- 418 Damsel, 4 spells, wizard master, unicorn, book of arcane power, ring of fire, talisman of roland, Druidism- 670 5x Knights Aspirent, M- 260 53x Peasant levy, M, S, C, spears- 444 53x Peasent levy, M, S, C, spears- 444 3x Knights of the Grail, S- 240 3x Knights of the Grail, S- 240 13x Knights of the Quest, m,c,s, Oriflamme- 822 Sacred Reliquary- 260 5x Yeoman Outriders, shields- 120 Total4493 Kingdom of Equitaine