Mark Greensill (28/18/3)

TournamentArmylistPrimary codexSecondary codexTertiary codexQuaternary codex
Art of War III Highborn Elves
Luxemboug Bash Master IV Highborn Elves
UK Masters Open High Princess, General, Queens Companion, Moonlight Arrows, Longbow, Spear, Sliver of the Blazing Dawn, Destinys Call. 480 High Princess, Griffon, Lance, Shield, Longbow, Dragonforged Armour, Nova Flare, Diadem of Protection, Daemons Bane, Glittering Lacqeur 670 Mage, Wizard Master, Divination, Asfad Scholar, Book of Meladys 570 3 x 5 Elein Reavers, Bows 185 12 Highborn Lancers, FCG, War Banner of Ryma. 580 22 Lion Guard, FCG, Banner of Becalmin 686 20 Queens Guard, Spears, M 595 2 x 1 Sea Guard Reaper 180 Total: 4,496 Highborn Elves
Winter Assault
Midlands Mayhem 19
Vale Renegades 9th Age Open Saurian Ancients
Mids GT 2019
The Scottish Championships 2019 Saurian Ancients
The English Championships 2019 Saurian Ancients Saurian Ancients Saurian Ancients Saurian Ancients
Mikey's Christmas Party Saurian Ancients
Breakthrough Saurian Ancients
In Hindsight