Max (12/20/0)

TournamentArmylistPrimary codexSecondary codexTertiary codexQuaternary codex
War in Wyong X Warriors of the Dark Gods
War in Wyong IX Warriors of the Dark Gods
VGT 2019 760 - King, General, Ancestral Memory, War Throne, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Iron, Great Weapon, Rune of Denial, Rune of Readiness 320 - Thane, Battle Standard, Runic Standard of Shielding, Shield, 2 Rune of Iron, Rune of Forge 245 - Runic Smith, Shield, Rune of Devouring 575 - 30x Clan Warriors, Spears and Shields, Standard Bearer, Rending Banner, Musician, Champion 554 - 22x Greybeards, Shields, Standard Bearer, Runic Standard of the Anvi, Musician, Champion 485 - 20x King's Guard, Musician, Champion 310 - 15x Deep Watch 309 - 12x Miners, Pistols, Shields, Champion 276 - 12x Rangers, Crossbows, Shields 257 - 12x Seekers 130 - Vengeance Seeker 130 - Vengeance Seeker 145 - Field Artillery, Dwarf Ballista, Rune Crafted 4496 Dwarven Holds
Cancon GT Chosen Lord on Dark Chariot: General, Favour of Envy, Idol of Spite, Great Weapon, Blessed Inscriptions and Death Cheater – 695 Chosen Lord on Dark Chariot: BSB, Favour of Envy, Master of Destruction, Great Weapon, Spiked Shield, Dusk Forged, Banner of Speed and Flaming Banner – 710 Sorcerer on Dark Chariot: Wizard Master, Evocation, Plate Armour, Hero’s Heart, Basalt Infusion, Obsidian Rock and Talisman of Shielding – 620 1 x 19 Warriors: Full Command, Favoured Champion, Favour of Wrath, Great Weapons, Zealot’s Banner – 799 1 x 8 Warhounds – 130 4 x 5 Chosen: Champion, Favour of Wrath and Great Weapons - 385 4494 Warriors of the Dark Gods
APSC 2018 Something I can play drunk... Ogre Khans Beast Herds Warriors of the Dark Gods
Castle Assault 2018 Probably Cattle Truck Beast Herds
Australian 9th Age Invitationals 2018 Who knows Beast Herds Ogre Khans Warriors of the Dark Gods Dwarven Holds