Henry (25/12/2)

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Fabrikkens Dukketurnering 3 Highborn Elves
Figurladen feat ammertime Highborn Elves
Nørdmarked: 9th Age. 2. Marts 2019 (Movementtray.com)
Battle of Copenhagen
ArosCon 2018 Fall - The 9th. Age
The 9th Age in Figurladen Highborn Elves
Aroscon - The 9th. Age Highborn Elves
Battle of Copenhagen
ETC Warm Up - DK Bloodline: Nosferatu [1360pts] Vampire Count, 3 Learned Spells, Blood Magic, General, Nosferatu Bloodline, Occultism, Vampire Count, Wizard Master, Colossal Zombie Dragon, Book of Arcane Power, Ring of Fire [310pts] Barrow King. Battle Standard Bearer, Tullius' Teeth [160pts] Necromancer, Evocation, in his pants [410pts] 30 Skeletons, Halberds, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Icon of the Relentless Company [320pts] 30 Skeletons, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer [186pts] 26 Zombies, Musician, Standard Bearer [663pts] 24 Barrow Guard, Great Weapons, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Barrows Kings [240pts] Cadaver Wagon, Endless Horde [380pts] 4 Vampire Knights, Musician [470pts] 5 Vampire Knights, Musician [4499pts] Vampire Covenant
Aroscon - The 9th. Age ++ Sylvan Elves (BS2.0 Sylvan Elves) [4498pts] ++ + Characters + Chieftain [366pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Forest Guardian, Light Armour, Shield . Magic Items: Dragonscale Helm, Sacred Spear of Cadron Druid [450pts]: 2x Add up to 3 Learned Spells, Become Wizard Master, Shamanism, Tree Singing . Magic Items: Ring of Fire, Shielding Scroll + Core + Forest Guard [478pts]: 28x Forest Guard, Spear and Shield . Champion . Musician . Standard Bearer . . Veteran Standard: War Standard + Special + Forest Eagle [100pts]: Forest Eagle Thicket Beasts [230pts]: 3x Thicket Beast + Unseen Arrows + Pathfinders [350pts]: 8x Pathfinder Sylvan Sentinels [210pts]: Scout, 6x Sylvan Sentinel + Fleet of Foot + Blade Dancers [320pts]: 8x Blade dancer Kestrel Knights [327pts]: Champion, Exchange Longbow for Shield, 3x Kestral Knight Wild Huntsmen [375pts]: Exchange Sylvan Lance for Blades, 5x Wild Huntsman . Champion . Standard Bearer: Flaming Standard + Characters + Fleet of Foot + Mounted Forest Prince [636pts]: Army General, Elven Cloak, Great Elk, Light Armour, Shield, Wild Hunter . Magic Items: Blessed Sword, Fire Blight Pendant, Helm of the Wild Hunt, Potion of Strength + Core + Unseen Arrows + Sylvan Archers [328pts]: Musician, 12x Sylvan Archer Sylvan Archers [328pts]: Musician, 12x Sylvan Archer ++ Total: [4498pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net) Sylvan Elves
Battle of Copenhagen
Giant Fanatic 18 - The 9th Age Sylvan Elves
Giant Fanatic 17 - Fantasy Celador High Elves
Battlefield Slagelse Warriors of Chaos