Henry (37/20/4)

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9th Age Management Tournament Beast Herds
Social Distancing 2020 Highborn Elves
CoronaCon Highborn Elves
The Scottish Championships 2020 Highborn Elves
Battle of Copenhagen
Aroscon 2019 (The 9th Age) Sylvan Elves
Nørdcon: 9th Age Vampire Covenant
ETC T9A 2019 Highborn Elves
Fabrikkens Dukketurnering 3 Highborn Elves
ESC T9A 2019
Figurladen feat ammertime Highborn Elves
Nørdmarked: 9th Age. 2. Marts 2019 (Movementtray.com)
Battle of Copenhagen
ArosCon 2018 Fall - The 9th. Age
The 9th Age in Figurladen Highborn Elves
Aroscon - The 9th. Age Highborn Elves
Battle of Copenhagen
ETC Warm Up - DK Bloodline: Nosferatu [1360pts] Vampire Count, 3 Learned Spells, Blood Magic, General, Nosferatu Bloodline, Occultism, Vampire Count, Wizard Master, Colossal Zombie Dragon, Book of Arcane Power, Ring of Fire [310pts] Barrow King. Battle Standard Bearer, Tullius' Teeth [160pts] Necromancer, Evocation, in his pants [410pts] 30 Skeletons, Halberds, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Icon of the Relentless Company [320pts] 30 Skeletons, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer [186pts] 26 Zombies, Musician, Standard Bearer [663pts] 24 Barrow Guard, Great Weapons, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Barrows Kings [240pts] Cadaver Wagon, Endless Horde [380pts] 4 Vampire Knights, Musician [470pts] 5 Vampire Knights, Musician [4499pts] Vampire Covenant
Aroscon - The 9th. Age ++ Sylvan Elves (BS2.0 Sylvan Elves) [4498pts] ++ + Characters + Chieftain [366pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Forest Guardian, Light Armour, Shield . Magic Items: Dragonscale Helm, Sacred Spear of Cadron Druid [450pts]: 2x Add up to 3 Learned Spells, Become Wizard Master, Shamanism, Tree Singing . Magic Items: Ring of Fire, Shielding Scroll + Core + Forest Guard [478pts]: 28x Forest Guard, Spear and Shield . Champion . Musician . Standard Bearer . . Veteran Standard: War Standard + Special + Forest Eagle [100pts]: Forest Eagle Thicket Beasts [230pts]: 3x Thicket Beast + Unseen Arrows + Pathfinders [350pts]: 8x Pathfinder Sylvan Sentinels [210pts]: Scout, 6x Sylvan Sentinel + Fleet of Foot + Blade Dancers [320pts]: 8x Blade dancer Kestrel Knights [327pts]: Champion, Exchange Longbow for Shield, 3x Kestral Knight Wild Huntsmen [375pts]: Exchange Sylvan Lance for Blades, 5x Wild Huntsman . Champion . Standard Bearer: Flaming Standard + Characters + Fleet of Foot + Mounted Forest Prince [636pts]: Army General, Elven Cloak, Great Elk, Light Armour, Shield, Wild Hunter . Magic Items: Blessed Sword, Fire Blight Pendant, Helm of the Wild Hunt, Potion of Strength + Core + Unseen Arrows + Sylvan Archers [328pts]: Musician, 12x Sylvan Archer Sylvan Archers [328pts]: Musician, 12x Sylvan Archer ++ Total: [4498pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net) Sylvan Elves
Battle of Copenhagen
Giant Fanatic 18 - The 9th Age Sylvan Elves
Giant Fanatic 17 - Fantasy Celador High Elves
Battlefield Slagelse Warriors of Chaos