Thomas Clews (14/18/0)

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Art of War III Highborn Elves
UK Masters Open High Prince, General, Queen’s Companion (Moonlight Arrows), Longbow, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Spear (Sliver of the Blazing Dawn) 480 Mage, Dragon, Wizard Master, Pyromancy, Obsidian Rock, Lucky Charm 830 Commander, Master of Canreig Tower, Battle Standard Bearer (Rending Banner), Light Armour ( Essence of Mithril), Great Weapon 445 26 Sea Guard, Musician, Champion, Standard Bearer (War Banner of Ryma) 637 22 Citizen Spears, Musician, Champion 308 5 Elein Reavers 180 21 Flame Wardens, Musician, Champion, Standard Bearer (Banner of Becalming) 617 2 x 5 Knights of Ryma, Musician 360 Giant Eagles 100 Sea Guard Reaper 180 Total: 4,497 Highborn Elves
Winter Assault Highborn Elves
Black Country Brawl 2 Highborn Elves
Trouble in the Woods Highborn Elves
Mids GT 2019 Highborn Elves
The Scouring Of The North Highborn Elves