Anders H√łgild (13/19/1)

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Nørdcon: 9th Age Undying Dynasties
Ravneborg Singles Tournament 2019 Undying Dynasties Undying Dynasties
Battle of Copenhagen Infernal Dwarves
Giant Fanatic 2017 9th age! Saurian Ancients Saurian Ancients
Battle of Copenhagen Core: 30 skinks, 3 caimans..540 22 Skinks, 2 caimans..386 Specials: 5 Raptors, flaming standard, champ..365 5 Raptors. champ..300 3 caimans, great weapons...234 Jungle: Spearback...120 Spearback..120 4 Rhampodons, ...305 Big guys: Taurusaur...450 Caracters: General-Warolrd, Raptor, Armour of destimy, sword of Kings, Divine Icon. Lucky charm...540 Veteran, armystandard, Armour of fortune, Fleshrender, raptor...420 lvl. 4 (druidism), Taurusaur....730 4500 ialt. Saurian Ancients Saurian Ancients
Giant Fanatic 18 - The 9th Age Empire of Sonnstahl Empire of Sonnstahl Empire of Sonnstahl Empire of Sonnstahl
Giant Fanatic 17 - Fantasy Lizardmen Empire Warriors of Chaos