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T'au Empire
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TK: [WR372]
Faction: XENOS - T'AU
Sept: T'AU sept
Army Points: 2000/2000
Command Points:3cp
Reinforcement Points: -n/a-
Stratagems: Warlord trait -1cp , Promising Pupil -1cp (extra WT) Emergency Dispensation (1x Relic)
Total Models:64(66)
SO Info: No Prisoners: 7 / To The Last 1x Longstrike 1xCrisis Team 1x Riptide / Tit Hunter 0 / Abhor Witch 0 / Bring It Down 6/ Assasination 13/

Supreme Command Detachment [+3CP]
Hq1 Commander Shadowsun WARLORD
Wt trait (-1cp) Exemplar of the Kauyon, 2x High-energy Fusion Blaster

Battalion Detachment [-3cp]

Hq1 Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit Promising Pupil. (-1cp) Precision of the Hunter
RELIC (-1cp) onager gaunlet
High-output Burst Cannon,Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, T'au Flamer, Thermoneutronic Projector

Hq2 Darkstrider [ 60p]

Hq3 Longstrike
2x Accelerator Burst Cannon, Railgun, 2x Seeker Missile

Tr1 Kroot Carnivores [60p]

Tr2 Kroot Carnivores [60p]

Tr3 Kroot Carnivores [60p]

El1 Crisis Battlesuits
4x Crisis Shas'ui: Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator
1x Crisis Shas'ui: Cyclic Ion Blaster, Early Warning Override, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle
1x Crisis Shas'vre: Cyclic Ion Blaster, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator
1x Marker Drone
8x Shield Drone

Fa1 Pathfinder Team
1xPathfinder Shasui
1xPulse Accelerator Drone
1x Shield Drone

Hs1 Hammerhead Gunship
2x Accelerator Burst Cannon, Railgun, 2x Seeker Missile

Hs2 Riptide Battlesuit
2x Plasma Rifle, Heavy Burst Cannon, Multi-tracker, Velocity Tracker

Fl1 Sun Shark Bomber
2x Missile Pod
2x Interceptor Drone

In Total Pts : 2,000pts

Mariusz “buła” Wawrzyn , DISCORD ID: Bula#7160, Tourneykeeper profile: Mariusz Wawrzyn , TK Profile#:1644

Army name: Ynnari
Factions used: Aeldari - Craftworlds
Command Points: -2-2=-3
Total cost: 1997 pts, 103 PL
Reinforcement Points: 3 pts

Number of Units: 18
Assassination: 16 points
Bring it Down: 6 points
No Prisoners: 10 points
Abhor the Witch: 11 points

== Ynnari: Strength From Death Battalion Detachment == 0 CP, 1837 pts, 96 PL

- Relic and warlordtrait -2cp

No Force Org Slot:
- Seer Council (Unit): Warlock Skyrunners (4. Protect/Jinx, 5. Quicken/Restrain, Smite, 3xWarlock Skyrunner (Witchblade)) [105 pts, 5 PL]
- Court of the Archon: Lhamean, 4xSslyth, 4xUr-Ghul [152 pts, 10 PL]

HQ1: Archon: Blast Pistol, Hatred Eternal, Huskblade, Overlord, The Djin Blade, Warlord [80 pts, 4 PL]
HQ2: Farseer: 1. Fateful Divergence, 3. Word of the Phoenix (Blessing), Smite, Warlord, Witchblade [95 pts, 5 PL]
HQ3: The Yncarne: 1. Gaze of Ynnead (Witchfire), 2. Storm of Whispers (Witchfire), 3. Word of the Phoenix (Blessing), 4. Unbind Souls (Malediction), 5. Shield of Ynnead (Blessing), 6. Ancestors' Grace (Blessing), Swirling Soul Energy, Vilith-zhar, the Sword of Souls [260 pts, 13 PL]

TR1: Kabalite Warriors: 4xKabalite Warrior, Sybarite (Splinter Rifle) [40 pts, 3 PL]
TR2: Rangers: 5xRanger [65 pts, 4 PL]
TR3: Rangers: 5xRanger [65 pts, 4 PL]

EL1: Howling Banshees: 4xHowling Banshee, Howling Banshee Exarch (Mirrorswords, Piercing Strikes) [110 pts, 5 PL]
EL2: Howling Banshees: 4xHowling Banshee, Howling Banshee Exarch (Mirrorswords, Nerve-shredding Shriek) [105 pts, 5 PL]
EL3: Striking Scorpions: 4xStriking Scorpion, Striking Scorpion Exarch (Biting Blade, Crushing Blows) [110 pts, 5 PL]
EL4: Warlock Skyrunners: 2. Embolden/Horrify, Smite, Warlock Skyrunner (Witchblade) [60 pts, 3 PL]

FA1: Swooping Hawks: 8xSwooping Hawk, Swooping Hawk Exarch (Lasblaster, The Phoenix Plume (Shrine Relic) (Aspect Shrine Relic)) [180 pts, 8 PL]
FA2: Swooping Hawks: 4xSwooping Hawk, Swooping Hawk Exarch (Lasblaster) [100 pts, 4 PL]
FA3: Windriders: 3xWindrider - Twin Shuriken Catapults [60 pts, 4 PL]

DT1: Raider: Dark Lance [105 pts, 6 PL]
DT2: Wave Serpent: Twin Shuriken Cannon, Twin Shuriken Catapult [145 pts, 8 PL]

== Auxiliary Support Detachment == -2 CP, 160 pts, 7 PL

HQ1: Baharroth [160 pts, 7 PL]