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Sec. Points:
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Dwarven Holds
Primary codex:
The Vermin Swarm
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Beast Herds
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Beast Herds
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Beast Herds
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Flavus, Andrew Vilkov, Dwarven Holds Army
Runic Master;General; Plate Armour; Shield; Rune of Iron (x2); Rune of Steel; Rune of Gleaming;Rune of Oaths;Rune of Reckoning; Rune of Resilience; Rune of Denial 233
Thane; Plate Armour; Shield; Battle Standard; Rune of Bronze; Rune of Iron (x2); Runic Talisman; Rune of Shielding 168
Engineer; Forge Repeater; Plate Armour; Shield; 77
24 Clan Warriors; FCG; Spear; Heavy Armour; Shield; 236
20 Clan Warriors; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield; FCG; 240
11 Crossbowmen; Crossbow; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; 152
24 King's Guard; FCG;Shield; 408
Organ Gun;Rune Crafted; 170
Catapult;Rune Crafted; 140
Cannon; 100
Flame Copter; Flame Culverin; 85
Anvil of Power; Rune of Shattering; Rune of Storms; Rune of Resolve; 160.
Grudge Buster; 165
Grudge Buster; 165
Models in Army: 97
Total Army Cost: 2499.0
Tyrant on Vermin Guard Litter: General, Lv2, Random Battle Magic, Shield, Heavy Armor, Dispel Scroll, Wizarding Hood, 208
Tyrant: The Doom Blade, 180
Magister: Lv4, Ruin, Eye of the Storm, Book of Arcane Power, 270
Plague Prophet on Plague Pendulum: Halberd, Putrid Plate, Dragonfire Gem, Charm of Cursed Iron, 264
Chief: BSB, Shield, Lightning Rod, 117
1 x 43 Plague Brotherhood: FCG, Plague-Ridden, Banner of Speed, 346
1 x 30 Rats-at-Arms: FCG, Spears, 175
1 x 21 Rats-at-Arms: Musician, Standard Bearer, 105
1 x 2 Rat Swarms: 40
3 x 1 Weapon Team: Rotary Gun, 65
2 x 1 Dreadmill: 140
1 x 2 Thunder Hulks: 150
2 x 1 Verminous Artillery: Lightning Cannon, 85
Total: 2500