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Astra Militarum
Primary codex:
Heretic Astartes
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Heretic Astartes

++ Army Roster (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [2,135pts] ++

+ Configuration +

Battle Size: 3. Onslaught (3000 Point limit)

Detachment Choice: Slaves to Darkness

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+ Epic Hero [310pts] +

Abaddon the Despoiler [310pts]: Drach'nyen, Talon of Horus, Warlord

+ Character [240pts] +

Chaos Lord [95pts]: Daemon hammer, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Plasma pistol

Dark Commune [65pts]: Mark of Slaanesh

. 2x Blessed Blades: 2x Commune blade
. Cult Demagogue: Autopistol, Commune stave
. Iconarch: Autopistol, Chaos icon, Close combat weapon
. Mindwitch: Close combat weapon, Warp Curse

Master of Possession [80pts]: Bolt pistol, Mark of Slaanesh, Rite of Possession, Staff of possession

+ Battleline [55pts] +

Cultist Mob [55pts]: Mark of Khorne

. Cultist Champion: Bolt pistol and brutal assault weapon
. 9x Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon: 9x Autopistol, 9x Brutal assault weapon

+ Infantry [1,125pts] +

Accursed Cultists [210pts]: Mark of Slaanesh

. 10x Mutant: 10x Blasphemous appendages
. 6x Torment: 6x Hideous mutations

Chaos Terminator Squad [195pts]: Mark of Tzeentch

. Chainfist and combi-weapon: Chainfist, Combi-weapon
. Heavy weapon: Accursed weapon, Reaper autocannon
. 3x Power fist and combi-weapon: 3x Combi-weapon, 3x Power fist

Chosen [130pts]: Chaos icon, Mark of Chaos Undivided

. Chosen w/ boltgun: Accursed weapon, Bolt pistol, Boltgun
. 2x Chosen w/ combi-weapon and bolt pistol: 2x Accursed weapon, 2x Bolt pistol, 2x Combi-weapon
. Chosen w/ paired accursed weapons and plasma pistol: Paired accursed weapons, Plasma pistol
. Chosen w/ power fist and plasma pistol: Boltgun, Plasma pistol, Power fist

Obliterators [360pts]: Mark of Nurgle

. 4x Obliterator: 4x Crushing fists, 4x Fleshmetal guns

Possessed [140pts]: Chaos icon, Mark of Slaanesh

. 5x Possessed: 5x Hideous mutations

Raptors [90pts]: Mark of Chaos Undivided

. 2x Raptor: 2x Astartes chainsword, 2x Bolt pistol
. Raptor Champion: Plasma pistol, Power fist
. 2x Raptor w/ meltagun: 2x Close combat weapon, 2x Meltagun

+ Vehicle [330pts] +

Chaos Predator Annihilator [130pts]: Armoured tracks, Combi-bolter, Havoc launcher, Mark of Nurgle, Predator twin lascannon

. 2 lascannons: 2x Lascannon

Forgefiend [200pts]: Mark of Nurgle

. 2 ectoplasma cannons: 2x Ectoplasma cannon
. Ectoplasma cannon and limbs: Armoured limbs, Ectoplasma cannon

+ Dedicated Transport [75pts] +

Chaos Rhino [75pts]: Armoured tracks, Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter, Havoc launcher, Mark of Nurgle

++ Total: [2,135pts] ++

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