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Adeptus Astartes
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Imperial Knights
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Primary detachment: Space Marines (Ultra)

HQ1: Chapter Master, Powerfist, Shield eternal, Artificer armour, Bike, Auspec, Melta bombs, Warlord [255]
HQ1: Tigurius [165]

E1: Ironclad dreadnought, Heavy flamer, Assault launcher [155] in Transport1

T1: 5 Tactical marines, Meltagun, Combi-melta [90] in Transport2
T2: 5 Tactical marines, Flamer, Combi-flamer [85] in Transport3

HS1: Thunderfire cannon [100]
HS2: 3 Centurion devastators, 3 x Gravcannon and grav-amp, Omniscope [260] in Transport4

Transport1: Drop pod [35]
Transport2: Drop pod [35]
Transport3: Drop pod [35]
Transport4: Land raider, multi-melta [260]

Primary detachment total [1475]

Secondary detachment: Imperial Knights

Knight: Errant [375]

Secondary detachment total [375]

Total [1850]
Primary detachment: Dark Eldar, "Realspace Raiders"

HQ:1 Archon (165pts) Haywire Grenades (5pts),Webway portal (35pts) (Trans 1) Warlord

Troops 1: 5x Kabalite Warrior (40pts) (Trans 2)
Troops 2: 10 * Kabalite warriors, Splinter cannon (95pts)(Trans 3)

FA 1: Razorwing Jetfighter (175pts) 2 Dark Lances (10pts), Nightshield (15pts), 4x Shatterfield Missile (20pts), Twin-

linked Splinter Rifle
FA 2: 5* Scourge, 4* haywire blaster (120pts)
FA 3: 5* Scourge, 4* haywire blaster (120pts)
FA 4: 9* Scourge, Solarite, (154pts)

Transport 1: Venom (65pts) Splinter Cannon (10pts)
Transport 2: Venom (65pts) Splinter Cannon (10pts)
Transport 3: Venom (65pts) Splinter Cannon (10pts)

Eldar Allied detachment

Farseer (170pts)
HQ 1:Eldar Jetbike (15pts), Mantle of the Laughing God (40pts), The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan (15pts), Witchblade

Elites : 6* Fire Dragons (132pts) (Trans 4)

Troops: 5 Dire Avengers (65 pts) (Trans 5)

Heavy: Wraithknight (240pts)

Transport 4: Wave Serpent (120pts) Twin-linked scatter lasers (5pts), Twin-linked shuriken catapults
Transport 5: Wave Serpent (120pts) Twin-linked scatter lasers (5pts), Twin-linked shuriken catapults