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Sec. Points:
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Ogre Khans
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Infernal Dwarves
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Great Khan, General, Trolleater, Khagadai's Maul, Mammoth-Hide Cloak,aurochs charm, 630p.
Khan, Bsb, Crown of scorn, hardened Shield, Stalker's Standard, 360p.
220 2x Mammoth Hunter, Leader of The pack, Hunting Spear, Paired weapons ,Scout
12x Tribesmen, FCG, Iron Fist, Banner of Speed, 924p.
3x Tribesmen,musician , Iron Fist, 222p.
3x1x Sabretooth Tigers, 80p.
2x Tusker Cavalry, iron fist 320p.
2x Tusker Cavalry,iron fist stamdart bearer, aether icono 395
2x1x Rock Auroch, Hunting Spear, 480p.
Total: 4491p.
Joseph “El Pyro” Abel - Infernal Dwarfs

1 Overlord, General, Shield, Onyx Hammer, Potion of Swiftness, Dragon Mantle, Sprout of Rebirth - 536 pts
1 Vizier, BSB, Shield, Infernal Weapon, Ring of Dessication, Mask of Furnace - 364 pts
1 Prophet , 4 Spells, Wizard Master, Besheluk’s Mechanism, Ring of Fire, Skull Splitter, Hardened Shield, Pyromancy - 625
28 Hobgoblins, Bows, M - 250pts
29 Hobgoblins, Bows, M - 260pts
19 Citadel Guard, Flint axe, M, 616pts
20 Immortals, Infernal Weapons, Shield, M, S, Flaming Standard
1 Kadim Titan - 600pts
1 Bound Deamon, Flame Cannon - 340pts
1 Bound Deamon, Flame Cannon - 340 pts