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Sec. Points:
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Orcs and Goblins
Primary codex:
Sylvan Elves
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Highborn Elves
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Dread Elves
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Saurian Ancients
b]++ Orcs and Goblins (BS2.0 Orcs and Goblins) [4498pts] ++[/b]

[b]+ Characters +[/b]

[b]Goblin Witch Doctor [360pts]:[/b] 3x Additional Learned Spells, Common Goblin, Pyromancy, Wizard Master

[b]Lord of Fightin' [710pts]:[/b] Army General, Iron Orc, Waaagh!, Warlord, Wyvern
. Magic Items: Blessed Sword, Hardened Shield, Talisman of Supreme Shielding

[b]Lord of Sneakin' [200pts]:[/b] Battle Standard Bearer, Cave Goblin, Chief
. Magic Items: Crown of the Cavern King

[b]Lord of Sneakin' [386pts]:[/b] Forest Goblin, Heavy Armour, Huntsmen Spider, King, Shield
. Magic Items: Axe of the Aporcalypse , Ring of Fire

[b]+ Core +[/b]

[b]Goblins [300pts]:[/b] Bow, Common Goblin, 30x Goblin, Musician, 2x Shady Git, Standard Bearer

[b]Orcs [377pts]:[/b] Bow, Champion, Common Orc, Musician, 29x Orc, Standard Bearer

[b]Orcs [455pts]:[/b] Feral Orc, Mammoth Stabber, 31x Orc, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer

[b]+ Special +[/b]

[b]Goblin Wolf Chariot [120pts]:[/b] Goblin Wof Chariot

[b]Scrap Wagon [90pts][/b]

[b]Trolls [120pts]:[/b] Common Troll, Troll

[b]+ Death from Above +[/b]

[b]Greenhide Catapult [180pts]:[/b] Splatterer

[b]Greenhide Catapult [180pts]:[/b] Git Launcher

[b]Skewerer [90pts][/b]

[b]Skewerer [90pts][/b]

[b]+ Big N Nasty +[/b]

[b]Gargantula [560pts]:[/b] Web Launcher

[b]Giant [280pts][/b]

[b]++ Total: [4498pts] ++[/b]