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Kingdom of Equitaine
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Dwarven Holds
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Dwarven Holds
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Damsel [540pts]: 4 Learned Spells, Barded Warhorse, Druidism, Wizard Master, Ring of Fire, Sceptre of Power, Talisman of Roland

Duke [605pts]: Barded Warhorse, Grail Oath, DragonLance, Might, Shield, General (The Blessing: Favour of the King), Crusader's Helm, Potion of Swiftness

Paladin [473pts]: Audacity, Barded Warhorse, Great Weapon, Questing Oath - Paladin, Battle Standard Bearer, War Standard, Dusk Stone, Hardened Shield

Knights Aspirant [240pts]: 5x Knight Aspirant

Knights Aspirant [260pts]: Champion, 5x Knight Aspirant

Knights of the Realm [639pts]: 11x Knight of the Realm, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer: Banner of Discipline, Veteran Standard

Knights of the Grail [745pts]: 8x Knight of the Grail, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer: Flaming Standard

Knights of the Grail [770pts]: 8x Knight of the Grail, Musician, Standard Bearer: The Oriflamme

2x Yeoman Outriders [110pts]: Replace Bow with Throwing Weapons, 5x Yeoman Outrider

Total: 4492
1 King @ Pts (400)
General; Plate Armour; Shield; Runic Armour [60.0] (50)( Rune of Crushing; Rune of Iron (x2))
Runic Talisman [60.0] Rune of Shielding (x2)
Runic Weapon [40.0] Rune of Smashing

1 Thane @ 266.0 Pts
Plate Armour; Shield; Battle Standard
Runic Armour [40.0] Rune of Iron (x2)
Runic Talisman [40.0] Rune of Shielding; Rune of the Forge

1 Runic Smith @ 419.0 Pts
Plate Armour; Shield
Runic Armour [20.0]; Rune of Iron
Bound Spell: Rune of Resilience [20.0]; Bound Spell: Rune of Reckoning [20.0]; Bound Spell: Rune of Gleaming [20.0]
Runic Arcane Items [100.0]; Rune of Denial
Runic Talisman [60.0]; Rune of Dragon's Breath

10 Clan Marksmen - Guild Handgunners @ 300.0 Pts; (300) Shield; Musician

26+1 Greybeards @ 880.0 Pts Great Weapon; Shield; Veteran Magic Standard; Musician Banner of Speed [50.0]; Champion @ [20.0] Pts

27+1 King's Guard @ 890.0 Pts; Great Weapon; Plate Armour; Standard; Musician; Runic Standard of Shielding [80.0]; Champion @ [20.0] Pts

10 Miners @ 230.0 Pts; Pistol

1 Engineer @ 144.0 Pts; Shield

1 Steam Attack Copters @ 160.0 Pts

1 Steam Attack Copters @ 160.0 Pts

1 Field Artillery - Organ Gun @ 325.0 Pts; Rune Crafted

1 Field Artillery - Catapult @ 320.0 Pts; Rune Crafted
Models in Army: 85

Total Army Cost: 4494.0