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Orcs and Goblins
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Dread Elves
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Enhed Udstyr Pris
Iron Orc Warlord War Cry; Shield; Boar Chariot; Tuktek's Guard; Titanic Might; Talisman of Shielding 630
Common Orc Shaman Wizard Master; Boar Chariot; Death Cheater; Paired Weapons; Hero’s Heart 555
Iron Orc Chief Shield; Battle Standard Bearer; Lucky Charm; Green Tide; Ghostly Guard 310
Forest Goblin Witch Doctor Wizard Adept; Dragon Staff 220
Characters i alt 1715
56 Forest Goblins Spear and Shield; Champion; Banner; Green Tide 533
10 Feral Orc Boar Rider Shield; Full Command; Banner of Speed 400
5 Orc Boar Riders Shield; Lance; Musician 200
Core i alt 1133
30 Iron Orcs Banner; Champion; Green Tide 775
Special i alt 775
4 Skewerers 360
Death from Above i alt 360
1 Gargantula 510
Big N' Nasty i alt 510

I alt 4493