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Grey Knights
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Imperial Knights
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Grey Knight: Batalion Detachment +5CP
Nemesis GM1 2dreadfist, gatling psilencer,teleporter, sanctuary, Trait-First to Fray PL14 (255)
Nemesis GM 2dreadfist, gatling psilencer, heavy psycannon, sanctuary PL14 (275)
10Strike squad 10Pair of falcions, astal aim PL14 (210)
5Strike squad 4Pair of falcions, psilencer, gate PL7 (107)
5Strike squad 4Pair of falcions, psilencer, gate PL7 (107)
Stormraven TL Lascannon, Tl Multimelta, 2Stormstrike ML PL15 (338)
Grey Knight Vanguard Detachment +1CP
Kaldor Draigo hammerhand, gate PL12 (240)
Vennerable dread, TL Lascannon, Missle, astral aim PL9 (185)
3Palladins 2pairs of falcions, Pargon with Deamonhammer, gate PL10 (178)
Apotecary, Deamonhammer, hammerhand, Relic Currias of sacrefice PL5 (103)
Knights Watch
Spieler: Alexander "Juetz" Jütz
Warlord: Watch Master (Lord of Hidden Knowledge)
Kommandpunkte: 10 (3+5+6-1-3)
Punkte: 2000pts
Detachments: Battalion, Super-Heavy

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Deathwatch) [52 PL, 792pts] ++

+ HQ +
Watch Master: Warlord, Lord of Hidden Knowledge [7 PL, 130pts]
Librarian with Jump Pack: Psychic Scourge, Null Zone, Bolt pistol, Force stave, Jump Pack, The Beacon Angelis [7 PL, 120pts]

+ Troops +
Intercessors: 1x Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Bolt rifle, 9x Intercessor: Bolt Pistol, Bolt rifle [10 PL, 200pts]
Veterans: 1x Watch Sergeant: Boltgun, Chainsword, 1x Veteran: Boltgun, Chainsword, 2x Veteran: Deathwatch Frag Cannon, 1x Veteran: Heavy bolter [9 PL, 142pts]
Veterans: 1x Watch Sergeant: Chainsword, Storm Bolter, 1x Black Shield: Chainsword, Storm Bolter, 8x Veteran: Chainsword, Storm Bolter [19 PL, 200pts]

++ Super-Heavy Detachment +6CP (Imperium - Imperial Knights) [65 PL, 1208pts] ++

Exalted Court: 2 Extra Warlord Traits (-3CP)
Heirlooms of the Household: 1 Extra Heirloom (-1CP)
Household Choice: House Terryn, Questor Imperialis

+ Lord of War +
Knight Crusader: Character, Heavy stubber, Thermal cannon, Twin Icarus autocannon, Avenger gatling cannon, Heavy flamer [25 PL, 487pts]
Knight Gallant: Character: Exalted Court Member (Champion of the Household), Heirloom: The Paragon Gauntlet, Meltagun, Reaper chainsword [20 PL, 367pts]
Knight Gallant: Character: Exalted Court Member (Landstrider), Heavy stubber, Reaper chainsword, Thunderstrike gauntlet [20 PL, 354pts]

++ Total: [117 PL, 2000pts] ++