Entrance starts: 9:00: Registration: 9:10-9:30 o'clock 1. round: 9:35 - 12:40 o'clock Lunch: 12:45- 13:30 2. round: 13:40 - 16:40 o'clock 3. round 16:50 - 19:50 o'clock 4. round: 9:10 - 12:20 o'clock Lunch: 12:20- 13:10 o'clock including best painted vote 5. Rounds: 13:15 - 16:20 Uhr Award cermony: starts 16:35

The latest changes of the 9th Age-Rules ( http://www.the-ninth-age.com/index.php?simple-page), FAQs and released Armybooks till 14 days before the tournament will be used. [b]Gamesize: [/b] 4500 Points [b]Pairing, Scenario and Deploymentl:[/b] First round accepted challenges will be played. Who doesn't Play in a challenge will be pared random, no Teammate will play each other. Starting turn 2 swiss pairing will be used, which means the 1st vs. the 2nd, the 3rd vs. the 4th. and so on. No one will play the same Opponent twice or the same army more than 2 times. Of Course from now on it can happen, that you play your Team mates. The Deployment is determined by the map. The Scenario is determined randomly by the TO at the start of the round. Only in the 5th game an already played Scenario will be doubled. That means every round a new Scenario is played and only one Scenario is doubled. = No more playing 5 times the only scenario your amry has weaknesses in :) [b]Encouragement for foreign players, ETC Players und www.tabletopwelt.de advertisement:[/b] The tournament fee is halved for players which are part of an ETC-Team or travel from abroad. For free in all my tourneys till next ETC ETC Players (from every Country) start which write (in english or german) an report for at least 3 ETC games on www.tabletoptwelt.de. Players who do an report from one of my tourneys on www.tabletopturniere.de in the board Schlachtberichte start next tourney for free. [b]Awards: [/b]place 1 - 3 (Roman helmet, trophies for 2nd and 3rd), bestpainted (1 - 3), best Player of army (if 3+ Player of the army are present) [b]Payment:[/b] banktransfers which arrive till 5 days before the tourney bring 2 softpoints. Owner of the account: Florian Greß, Account number: 1672997, bank number: 10077777, IBAN DE90100777770167299700, BIC NORSDE51XXX (no zero, an O) (Norisbank), regard/subject: MAPM-Single 9th Age 2017 and the T3 Nickname. [b]Armylists to [/b]: Kara_te@yahoo.de or through T3 to the Orga or through www.tabletopturniere.de to SirLöwenherz or through www.the-ninth-age.com to Just_Flo. [b]Armylistpoints:[/b] 4 Softpoints for each of the following: the armylist arrives the TO at least 8 days before the tourney starts, the armylist is in the short Format determined by the Tournament Pack, the armylist is correct before the correction through the community. [b] Armylistpublishing[/b] 6 days before the tourney I will publish the lists on www.tabletopwelt.de and www.the-ninth-age.com So that the community can prepare themself and spot mistakes. Mistakes spotted during the tourney will mean -2 tilll -20 Points per already played match. Of course one has to continue to play with a corrected list. [b]Paintingpoints:[/b] one Point for each of the following: at least one Special succesfulland painted conversion or free Hand, army is full primed, army is full painted (min 3 colours, primed+painted = 2 Points), bases have sand, grass, stone, straw, ... glued on them, bases are painted (painted and something glued on = 2 points), Army was nominated for bestpainted, army won one of the three bestpainted trophies. [b]Army- and model renting: [/b] Till one week in advance single biger models/ Units (costs 1 € ) or whole armies (costs 5 €) can be rented. [b]To find cheap appartments, rooms or hotels in Regensburg I advice to use: [/b]www.wimdu.de, www.booking.com and www.trivago.de I am sorry, sleeping at the tourney Location is not possible. Greetings Sir Löwenherz / Just_Flo

Army selection: