We are currently living in an unprecedented time of social distancing across the globe. The great community of Ninth Age players in the United Kingdom and Ireland are patiently waiting until they can once again bring out their armies and do battle across tabletops everywhere. 

The Masters Committee has been put in place this year to help improve and grow the Ninth Age tournament scene across the UK and Ireland. We understand that people play tournaments for a number of reasons, but the main two are to test themselves against the best at the hobby they love and to be sociable and meet friends both old and new.

The ongoing lockdown has meant that the ability to hold social gatherings large enough to allow tournaments appears to be a long way off. As a result of this, the Masters Committee will be running an online tournament using Universal Battle, for those that cannot wait for their next fix of tournament gaming. Universally Baffled 1 will be the first of possibly many tournaments of this type and will be used to ascertain the feasibility of a future Universal Battle tournament being counted towards the UK and Ireland Rankings.

Please be aware that only individuals that were ranked in the 2019 UK and Ireland tournament rankings will be eligible to register. Other individuals may request entry, via universallybaffled@gmail.com, and this will be at the committees discretion.

When you sign up here, please email universallybaffled@gmail.com with your full name and tourneykeeper name to complete your registration.