"In the grim future of 2021 there is only TTS".

Due to overlapping events I changed the tournament to a single tournament. Rules will be similar to the latest event. 

Game: 40K WTC

Format: We will use the latest WTC 2021 Rulespack, the latest WTC FAQ and the latest WTC terrain map at the deadline to present armylists.

Rulespack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dOC1UKKPx0VjtXNY5WEQJgQ7G210MfG9/view?usp=sharing
FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_faQaQRnmGPOWTJI4TazxVfyLRNLDqCxmmJgQgg2qaU/edit?usp=sharing
Terrains: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dQ8u9jlcjWSIh7o6T94IJG4ylFGopFb3/view?usp=sharing

Rounds : 3 

Missions and Tables: we Will use the Mission 1-3 of the WTC pack and tables 6-8 of WTC pack.

Pairings: 1st pairing will be random, than swiss system for the rest of the tournament. Challenges are not accepted for this tournament.

Ranking: We will use the WTC point system and ranking will be based on it.

Models: WYSWYG is mandatory in the tournament. To get the 10 points of painted model, you will need to link your models to Battlescribe using BS2TTS app. Here the latest tutorial. Please contact the organizer if you need further informations. If the army does not respect this requirement you will be not awarded the 10 points like when you do not have the painted army. Here the latest tutorial


Army lists: All Army list should follow WTC rules for presentation. List check will be done after the pairings happens, and the players supposed to play against will check each other lists before starting any games. Lists need to be sent to the Tournament organizers  and uploaded on Tourneykeeper before the agreed deadline (30th January at the moment). 
Deadline of Codex and FAQ Is set 2 days before list submission.

Time: Every round will last 6 days. 

Registration: A player need to be registered on Tourneykeeper. The tournament is free of charge and no prize will be given

General informations: The purpose of the tournament is to Test lists waiting for "real action games".  Please keep this as the spirit of the tournament if possible to avoid excessive heat, difficult to manage on TTS.

All other situation should be covered by the WTC documents, but please feel free to contact me by any means for clarifications