Szkoła Podstawowa nr 175 im. Heleny Marusarzówny

Trzech Budrysów 32, Warszawa

Date: 18-19.12.2021


EVENT IS FOR VACCINATED PLAYERS ONLY, unvaccinated players will not be allowed to play and will be expelled from event.

As the event takes play at the School, drinking alcohol or being drunk is strictly forbidden and will result in being expelled from event.


Payment is 140PLN to be sent to the following bank account.

The payment consists lunch at the 1st day of tournament.

The payment is non-returnable after 14.11, unless the tournament is cancelled or player limit is reduced due to sanitary restrictions.


Bartosz Walczak

mBank 56 1140 2004 0000 3102 7725 8965


Please do include the name from Gloria in the title.



Preregistration is open till 03.12. Prepayment grants additional +2VP.

Later registration is open till 10.12 (without additional points).


Player Limits:

60 (the limit can be extended; however, in case of unexpected sanitary restrictions it might be also reduced; in such a case, the players who already paid and will not play anymore due to the restriction, will be granted 100% refund of the payment)

Every conflict with regards to the limits and player list will be resolved by the order of payment.




* WTC ruleset is in effect

* The deadline for TK registration is 10.12, failing to do so results in -5 VP penalty,

* Lists should be sent to and added to TK,

* Lists needs to be written in WTC format (example will be at the end of this post), sending list in battlescribe format will result in -5 VP penalty,

* Sending valid rosters until 23:59:59 12.12  gives +5 VP,

* Round 1 pairings will be available a day after all the rosters are sent. The players are then required to check their opponents lists for any errors and post them in a single message on the forum. If you found no errors please type “PLAYER X – OK”. You will have time to check them until 14.12. Failure to do so will result in losing the ‘valid roster’ points,

* Corrections to any errors must be sent to the email until end of 15.12. Failure to do so will result in losing the ‘valid roster’ points.



Head: Czaj-nik, Olek, Walchuck





Saturday 18.12


8:15 - 8:45 Event Registration (Please confirm your arrival at the referees desk and show covid passport or QR code via we can confirm if player is vaccinated)

8:45 - 12:15 Round I

12:30 - 16:00 Round II

16:00 - 16:30 Break

16:30 - 20:00 Round III


Sunday 19.12

8:30 - 12:00 Round IV

12:15 - 15:45 Round V

16:00 Final Results



Army compisition:

- Battle-forged

- Strike Force (12 CP, 3 detachments, max 3 of the same unit that’s not a troops or transport)

- 2000pts

- FW allowed

- Psychic Awakening allowed

- Charadon rules for Admech + DE and Octarius rules for orks and specialist detachments (aka Vigilus) banned.


Hobby Score:

- Each model needs to have wysiwyg

- Players using converted or alternative models are expected to contact Organizer with photos of such models at 40k discord (Walchuck#6039) or via mail ( Failure to do so may result in the models being removed from play.

- Each player can score up to 10 hobby points, added to the score at the end of the tourney.


Player hobby score:



1pt- the army has some very basic “tri-color” painting

2pts- basic highlights and wash

3pts- more effort has been put than in the above


Unit markings:

2pts- Each unit can be easily distinguished from the other units in your army



1pt- the bases have a single coat of paint, maybe 1 type of for example flock/sand

2pts- more than a single type of basing material has been used



1pts- the army looks coherent and isn’t just a mishmash of borrowed models


Game Preparation:

0pts- the player doesn’t have more than one of the following elements: access to the army rules, measurement tool, dice, printed or easily accessible and readable roster, objective markers

1pt- the player doesn’t have one of the aforementioned elements

2pts- the player is fully prepared



General rules:

- we’re using 9th edition rules, with all codexes, FAQs, Chapter Approved, WTC FAQs released before 10.12 (it may change as new FAQ and codexes are going to be realeased in December),

- we’ll be playing on 60x44” tables,

- Each game uses a fixed game length: 5 turns will be played,

- the terrain is placed by players, for each table there will be a set of terrains that players have to set up following the instruction given in google doc (which is at the end of this post) for each mission,

- every game should be played using a chess clock; if both players agree, they may play without the clock (but in this case, complaints on opponent slow play and/or not playing the full 5 turn game, will not be considered by the judges),

- Once a player has 15 minutes or less left on the clock, or the combined time for both players is less than 30 minutes left a referee must be called in order to proceed,

- WTC clock management rules should be used as guidelines,

- “Deathclock” rule is not in force by default, every situation will be handled individually by the referee,

- The players are required to have the relevant rules, faqs etc. for their army,

- For each full 5 minutes of being late in submitting the final results to the tourney keeper a penalty of -10 points will be issued to both offending players. After 15 minutes the results will not be taken and both players will end up with a 0:0 score,

- If something is not in the rules pack the referees can (and will) make relevant rulings during the tourney.




a) Warning- no penalty, but a second warning results in yellow card.

b) Yellow card- -5 points for the player. 2 Yellow Cards will result in a Red Card.

c) Red card- the player is immediately expelled from the tourney and all his scores are changed to 0:20




-  the terrain is placed by players, for each table there will be a set of terrains that players have to set up following the instruction given in google doc (which is at the end of this post) for each mission,

- advanced terrain rules from the Rulebook will be in use,

- WTC terrain rules are in effect,

- WTC terrain maps will not be used directly.




Player can score up to 90 VP. Up to  45vp from primary and 45 from secondary objectives.

VP Differential................Game score

10-10…………………..……….. 0-4

11-9 …………………………….. 5-9

12-8 …………………………….. 10-14

13-7 …………………………….. 15-19

14-6 …………………………….. 20-24

15-5 …………………………….. 25-29

16-4 …………………………….. 30-34

17-3 …………………………….. 35-39

18-2 …………………………….. 40-44

19-1 …………………………….. 45-49

20-0 …………………………….. 50+



A tabling does not automatically give 20 points. Instead the players who are not tabled continue to play the game until a natural conclusion.



Pre-game actions:

* Place objective markers as shown in the mission rules,

* Place terrain as shown in tournament maps,

* Both players choose their secondary objectives in secret and reveal them simultaneously,

* Players roll off to determine who will be the attacker and who will be the defender,

* Defender chooses the deployment zone for his army, attacker takes the other one,

* Both players secretly note down what units start in transports or in reserves and reveal that simultaneously,

* The players alternate setting up their remaining units one at a time, starting with the Defender,

* Roll off – Winner takes the 1st turn,

* Pre-game deployment step for abilities or stratagems that take place prior to the start of the first turn,

* Players announce their remaining available command points and clearly mark this somewhere for their opponent to keep track of during the game,

* Start the first battle round.




* We will be playing missions and secondaries from the most recent GT Pack (GT2021 for now):


Round 1 - Mission 11 - Retrieval

Round 2 - Mission 12 – Scorched Earth

Round 3 - Mission 13 - Vital Intelligence

Round 4 - Mission 32 – Sweep and Clear

Round 5 - Mission 33 - Priority Target