Copenhammer Warhall League I

We play four rounds of one week each, depending on the number of participants.
Armies can be up to 4500 points. You must stick to the same faction, but you are allowed to change your army - we play as gentlemen and are expected to not tailor lists.

If you're unable to play, you're expected to concede your game. This will result in a score of 15-5 to your opponent. Similarly, in case of an uneven number of players, a player may be bye-paired. This will also result in a score of 15 points to that player.

Round 1: Encircle - Capture the flags
Round 2: Refused Flanks - Spoils of War
Round 3: Counterthrust - King of the Hill
Round 4: Dawn Assault - Breakthrough

Giants supplement is permitted. 

We use the new points as soon as they're officially available. If both players wish to play with them before that, they're allowed to. The default is whatever is is by the start of any round, however.

Use the Copenhammer discord for discussions.