Good evening Ladies and Getlemen!

After some consultations, we’ve come to these conclusions:
-The tourney will happen, however it will most likely happen at a different date. We’re trying to make sure that the venue will be of similar quality (most likely it will be the same place).
- We’re waiting for the official end of current quarantine imposed by our government- the beginning of April.
- We recommend cancelling any accommodation reservations. The chances of Polish Team Championships happening during April are slim to none.
- As for refunding the entry fee we implore you to at least wait until the current quarantine is over (two weeks). After that happens we’ll be thinking about where & when we’ll move the tourney to.
- However if some team definitely wants to get their entry fee back we ask to contact the organizers via
- Cancelling & wanting to re-buy the tickets at later time might result in higher entry fee.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones and see you at Polish Team Championships 2020 (whenever they might happen)!

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