#TeamSecondary PointsBattlePointsPointsPlayers
1 Couch to 4.5k 60513263235Rory Stoves Orcs and Goblins, Mark Greensill Highborn Elves, Ryan Amiri , Jak Payne Saurian Ancients
2 No ID in team 53666229227Jacob Corteen  Infernal Dwarves, Chris Bond Undying Dynasties, Alistair Parren Orcs and Goblins, Amit Hindocha Dread Elves
3 Team NZ Exiles 53635234225James Brown Dread Elves, david blackmore Empire of Sonnstahl, Luke Williams Undying Dynasties, Andreas Bock 
4 #Insert Team Name Here 48344233219Mikey Newman , Luke Tranter , Hugh Scarlin , Adam Jones Empire of Sonnstahl
5 Team vaguely serious 59233217212Jeff Keeling  , Jack Austin Daemon Legions, Nick Vaux , Gio Tira Empire of Sonnstahl
6 Team Double Master 40862212212Colin Power , Hristo Nikolov , Thomas Clews , Craig Johnson Beast Herds
7 💋 your daddy’s 👄 45178220210The Master Nav Hussain Orcs and Goblins, Mike Silvester , Terry Flaherty , M Kingdom of Equitaine
8 Team Ireland 44278199200James McDonnell Infernal Dwarves, David Bowes , Craig Ogre Khans, Henry 
9 Team Wales: Por Favor 48640205198Marcus Lake , Jack Chapman Empire of Sonnstahl, Warren Brewster Saurian Ancients, Stephen Slatcher  Infernal Dwarves
10 Not coming last 50600203198Tony Hayle Ogre Khans, Tom Parker Vampire Covenant, Paul Godbold Saurian Ancients, josh burns Sylvan Elves
11 Spiky Extravaganza 45342197198Dawid 'DEEJWII' Prokopowicz Infernal Dwarves, James Ledward Sylvan Elves, Ross Townsley  Ogre Khans, Frank Saurian Ancients
12 Team Scotland 48479185195Matt Perriss , Kevin Stonebanks Beast Herds, Edward Murdoch Orcs and Goblins, John Turner 
13 Team Drunk 44177167190Robert Cousins , Trent "The T-Bomb" Barnard Saurian Ancients, Chay Davies-Smith Kingdom of Equitaine, Guillermo "Guiem" Nicolau 
14 2 i's in Hindsight 48584187186Alex Wallace , Aljosa “Wolf Of The West” Sodec  Ogre Khans, Edgar Bodiaj Dread Elves, Jordan Davies Orcs and Goblins
15 Jabronis 44075185185Fraser Campbell Dread Elves, Martin Bueno Undying Dynasties, Paul McNeil , Andrew Lind Vampire Covenant
16 Team Spunk 43709187180Oliver Mather Daemon Legions, Matthew brown , Adam lake The Vermin Swarm, Andrew Huntley 
17 3 Turnips and a Swede 43531161180Shane Baxter  Warriors of the Dark Gods, Shaun Hughes The Vermin Swarm, Casimir Ehrenborg Dwarven Holds, Matthew Wilson Infernal Dwarves
18 Canterbury Crusaders 3639596150Wes Wheeler Kingdom of Equitaine, Jay Newell Dread Elves, Glenn Wilkinson-Tough Warriors of the Dark Gods, Singer Daemon Legions