Burning Bridges

The Icelandic Nationals 2024

Operation: Polar Bear VII

17-18 February 2024

The Icelandic Nationals Flames of War tournament will be a Late War V4 100 points Tournament.

All official Late War forces that have been published before the submitting list deadline are allowed. 

The list deadline is before midnight on the 14th of January so 23:59 14th of January.

List building rules are as follows:

Force can contain a maximum of 2 formations.

No duplicate formations.

Lists are to be submitted to  burningbridgesfow@gmail.com before the before mentioned deadline.

List must be created on forces to make it easier to check.

The lists will then be checked by the TO and any requests for adjustments will be submitted back to the player.

What you need to bring with you:

Fully painted force.

Your force list printed or in a digital format.

All your needed peripherals like dice, templates etc.

Comfortable shoes and clothing is recommended 😊

Tournament Rules:

Lists are to be submitted before the 15th of January as after all lists has been approved by TO the lists will be made public.

We will be using Extended Battle plan in the tournament which is provided by Battlefront.


We encourage players to be fair and play nicely and remember „Who has the most fun wins “.

Any player that has nests, fortifications etc. (like Pak front) in their force can only choose to defend as their stance.

Players will place their stance card face down on table and reveal at the same time. Then roll for a mission to be played.

The first game matchup will be random draw done by TO. After that we will use Swiss matchup system. 

Schedules are to be observed! Matches must end 5 minutes before the scheduled end of each round to facilitate pairings for the next round.


1st – 3rd position

Best Painted Army

Most sporting.

Battlefront will hopefully support with Plaques and objectives.

The best painted army will be selected by the players.

Most sportsmanship is voted by you the players, you choose who was your best opponent and he who has most votes wins.


Friday 16.02.2024 Early bird program. (More detail on next page)

10:00 – 15:00 Guided walk among the war remnants with Author Jökull.

18:00 - 20:00 Dinner with players (Not included)

20:00 – 23:00 Pre-game in the Burning Bridges Club house

Saturday 17.02.2024

09:00 Welcome and briefing

10:00 1st Battle

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 2nd Battle

16:00 Short break

16:30 3rd Battle

19:00 End of tournament day.

20:00 Total War game at the venue itself

23:00 Venue closes

Sunday 18.02.2024

09:30 House opens and recovery.

10:00 4th Battle

12:30 Lunch Break

13:30 5th Battle

16:00 Break

16:30 Award Ceremony

Early Bird Special:

Anyone arriving a day early can join our early bird program. It is a guided walk among the war remnants by author and expert guide Jökull. It starts outside Hallgrímskirkja at 10 AM. We will start in the city center and then go by car to Howitzer Hill (Öskjuhlíð). Then for lunch at Messinn which offers an excellent Seafood Buffet every lunch hour and if you are in Iceland, you should have fish at least once. There is no charge for the tour, but you will need around 3500 kr. (25 Euros). For lunch. After lunch we will visit the venue and then there is free time. The end will be around 15:00. 

Then in the evening you are invited to a pre-game in the Burning Bridges club house. We will meet at the restaurant Solon at 18:00, each buys his own meal (there is a good selection) and then we go to the club house. It will be over around 23:00.

Guests coming from other countries let us know if you plan to do the early bird program, or either part of it: burningbridgesfow@gmail.com

Total war battle on Saturday

All models will be provided for this event and attendants will be placed in various commands according to their tournament standing, top two players will draw for sides and then the rest of the players are assigned to their teams. The battle will be tank heavy to speed up time. Note: This is a Big Fun Game. The persons who have the most fun win, regardless of victory conditions. Foolhardy bravery encouraged and handicap rules will be used (they are fun and entirely optional for individuals but compulsory for the teams). The total war battle will be a mid-war desert battle and Jökull will run the game.

Tickets and what is included:

Ticket price is 75 Euro.

Food is not Included in the ticket price. But plenty of options close to the venue.

Shots for the total war game will be provided.


The venue:  Hotel Orkin Brautarholt 29, 105 Reykjavík 

Burning Bridges Clubhouse: Funahöfði 17,110 Reykjavik