·       All armies must be fully painted with minimum 3 colors and have basing.

·       This year we play 1100 points, 3-hour games.

·       1 platoon Generic reinforced,

·       max 16 order dice

·       no tank platoons, no special characters.

·       No proxy models are allowed, and all units must be WYSIWYG.

·       Points are allocated as follows; Win 3 points, Draw 1 points each, Loss zero points, special TO objective 1 point. This means that a player’s maximum points are 20 points (3 points X 5 games + 5 TO points)

·       Tiebreaker are kill-dice (units you killed!)

·       It is forbitten to surrender! We play minimum 6 turns everything is possible in war, Don´t give up!!

·       All destroyed vehicles stay on table as wrecks, and count as impassable hard cover.

·       LOS from vehicles (when firing) is measured from the weapons mount, NOT the tip of the barrel or hull. Weapon range, on vehicles, is measured from hull. Team weapon and artillery draw LOS like infantry.

·       Vehicles movement is measured from the front or back of the hull and turns must be turned over the center of the vehicle.  

·       Should a player, for any reason, be missing at the start of a match, that player automatically loses that match. If the TO is notified before match start, that a player would be late, the player does not get disqualified but get 5 negative kill points.

The Trophies!

·       The overall winning player gets to take home the awesome 40 kg. trophy and get a smashing medal of honor plus all the diplomas he/she deserve.

·       The second-best player gets a smashing medal of honor plus all the diplomas he/ She deserve.

·       The third-best player gets a smashing medal of honor plus all the diplomas he/ she deserve.

·       Special price for fastest player to pay up the tournament fee, and register on tourneykeeper            “The fastest gun!”

·       Coolest army

·       Best themed table/ playable table

·       Wooden spoon


1.       Kill and dominate!

2.       Sectors

3.       Noman´s land with 3 objectives

4.       Two bridges and four keys.

5.       Push through the lines

Tournament schedule

Saturday 25. November

Check in 08.30 for table building.

Player check in 09.00-09.45

Welcome greetings from the TO 09.45-09.55

Matchups and game 1 09.55-13.00

Results 13.00-13.10

Matchups and game 2 13.15-16.15

Break/ votes for best painted/best playable table. 16.15-17.15

Matchups and game 3 17.20- 20.20

20.20 social time with drinks.

Sunday 26. November

Matchups and game 4 10.00-13.00

Coffee break 13.00-13.20

Matchups and game 5 13.20-16.20

Pack up tables.

Prices and winners 16.40




May the War-Gods and the Dice-Devils be with you all!

Best regards

TO Jan Pedersen