1 Army lists Each team will submit five 1000pts army lists, four of which will be used by their team at the tournament. The official language of the event will be English with the English version of the Second Edition rule book being used. 1.1 Permitted publications Army lists may be created using the following publications: ● Any theatre, campaign or “Armies of …” book published by Warlord Games before 31st January 2023 ● Units listed in “Bolt Action WTC 2023 Additional Units” (available at internationalgamingevents.com) Theatre lists published via PDF are not permitted. 1.2 List building restrictions The following restrictions are in place: ● All army lists must consist of a single platoon ● Each team may not include more than one of each Nation or Theatre across their five army lists. ○ For example, Team Antarctica may not field two American army lists, or two forces chosen from the “Italy: Soft Underbelly” theatre book. ● The following units types are not permitted: ○ Named Characters ○ War Correspondents ● Tank platoons are permitted, but may not be suitable for some of the missions. ● Use of the Additional Armies PDFs is not permitted